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It is a violation of Meaningful Mindset's policy for any employee to engage in financial fraud, as defined below.


Financial fraud is defined as a deliberate act or deliberate failure to act with the intent to obtain unauthorized financial benefit. Financial fraud includes, but is not limited to, misappropriation of funds or property, authorizing or receiving compensation or reimbursement for goods not received or services not performed, falsification of work/employment records, or unauthorized alteration of financial records. Meaningful Mindset has a zero tolerance in regard to Fraud and ensures that each employee or representative of Meaningful Mindset understands clearly the definition of financial fraud and acts with Honesty, Integrity and Accountability in this regard, especially in any engagement with a client of Meaningful Mindset or a supplier to Meaningful Mindset.


Examples of financial fraud include but are not limited to:

• Embezzlement or other financial irregularities;

• Misappropriation, misapplication, removal, or concealment of property;

• Forgery, falsification, or alteration of documents and/or information (e.g., checks, bank drafts, deposit tickets, promissory notes, travel expense reports, contractor agreements, purchase orders, electronic files, etc.) with the intent to obtain an unauthorized financial benefit;

• Deviations from standard procedures in the handling or reporting of money, cash equivalents or financial transactions, including procurement card with the intent to obtain an unauthorized financial benefit;

• Theft or misappropriation of funds, securities, supplies, inventory, or any other asset (including furniture, fixtures or equipment, data, trade secrets and intellectual property);

• Falsification of work/employment records related to salary and benefits with the intent to obtain an unauthorized financial benefit;

• Misuse of facilities, such as vehicles, telephones, mail systems, or computer-related equipment in violation of Meaningful Mindset policy or the policy of any Client of Meaningful Mindset with the intent to obtain an unauthorized financial benefit;

• Violation of purchasing procedures and requirements with the intent to obtain an unauthorized financial benefit;

• Engaging in bribery, kickbacks, or seeking unauthorized rebates with the intent to obtain an unauthorized financial benefit;

• Accepting money or gifts with financial value from a supplier  (lunch or dinner may be acceptable if considered appropriate and not excessive). In such cases clarification with an executive of Meaningful Mindset can be sought to ensure compliance and understanding.



Internal Controls


Internal controls are policies, practices, and procedures that are designed to provide reasonable assurance that objectives are achieved in the following categories:

• Effectiveness and efficiency of operations (including safeguarding of assets and records).

• Reliability of financial reporting.

• Compliance with laws and regulations.


Meaningful Mindset will utilise all reasonable internal controls, including proper segregation of duties, to monitor and control the use of assets, and thereby reduce the potential for financial fraud.


Employee Responsibility

All Meaningful Mindset employees or contractors acting on behalf of Meaningful Mindset have a stewardship responsibility to fully understand the Policy of Fraud and it’s prevention.


Employees or contractors to Meaningful Mindset must fully understand the definition of Financial Fraud and ensure that their actions do not contravene these definitions. Additionally, employees or contractors of Meaningful Mindset should pro-actively seek to understand the policies of any client they may be working with to ensure complete compliance to financial fraud.

Furthermore Meaningful Mindset employees or contractors to Meaningful Mindset are responsible for safeguarding resources under their control and for ensuring that those resources are used only for authorized purposes and in accordance with rules, policies, and applicable regulations.


Management Responsibility

• Each manager should be familiar with the types of improprieties which might occur in her/his area of responsibility and assure that all reasonable internal controls are in place and effective to prevent and detect occurrence of fraud.

• Each manager should also be alert for any indication that improper or dishonest activity is or was in existence within her/his area.

• Supervisors are responsible for the employees assigned to them, and shall through education, coaching and discipline where justified, assist in avoiding financial fraud.




Any employee or contractor of Meaningful Mindset may confidentially report any suspected financial fraud directly to the Managing Director of Meaningful Mindset without threat of intimidation or exposure.

Employees or Contractors to Meaningful Mindset are strongly encouraged to report any potential financial fraud witnessed or suspected at a client site through the process and policy of the Client itself in addition to the Managing Director of Meaningful Mindset.

Meaningful Mindset will strongly prohibit adverse actions resulting from the filing of a report relating to misconduct whether this is targeted to a Meaningful Mindset employee, contractor to Meaningful Mindset, supplier to Meaningful Mindset or resource of a Meaningful Mindset client.



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