Our purpose is to help you create a Leadership culture of meaningful work through high performing teams enabling sustainable innovation

Our observations


  • There are too many LEADERSHIP CULTUREs unable to overcome their organisation’s operational focus to achieve either organic growth or fully integrated acquisitions
  • Intense focus on existing processes reducing the AWARENESS to other possibilities
  • There is a widespread fear of stepping outside the comfort zone that limits the ACTIVATION and success of new initiatives
  • There is a general unwillingness to accept that to have collaboration, experimentation and tolerance of failure requires a substantive and widespread MINDSET change at all levels
  • ORIGINAL THOUGHT has been squeezed out of the corporate working environment limiting any larger vision and new ideas
  • There is minimal MEANINGFUL PROGRESS in achieving corporate and other goals
  • Without such meaningful progress people cannot flourish and our individual desire to become a BETTER HUMAN is severely inhibited


We have developed our work around these observations and have formulated the 7 pillars of MEANINGFUL INNOVATION. We invite you to explore what they mean to you and engage with Meaningful Mindset.



   "Meaningful Mindsets - Why they matter"


Meaningful Mindset